The last few days I have really focused on how lucky I am to have an amazing family and life.  So much sadness as been around me the last month that I realized how sometimes I take things for granite.  About a month ago a childhood friend from Iowa was killed in a gas pipe explosion out in California and she left behind her husband, and two boys who were 4 and 2.  Little things like when I left for my hair appointment yesterday and Maddie was screaming/crying and holding on to me for dear life not to leave her that I realized how hard it must be for those boys.  I was just leaving for a hair appointment and they were see me again but they don’t get to see her again.  It is just so sad. 

 Then on Friday one of Gavin’s close buddies in his class his mom was due to have her third child yesterday but Wednesday they discovered no heartbeat.  I feel like God has called us to become friends.  About three weeks ago I decided I wanted us to try a new church its a church I wanted to try a year ago but we never did.  We went and sure enough they go there too.  She was still pregnant and happy.  Then her, Jack and her little girl came over for a playdate last week and I shared my story with her for the first time.  She didn’t even know it happened and I don’t remember how it came up but im glad it did.  She called me yesterday to tell me thanks that my story helped her in the hospital and is continuing to help her.  I really feel this is God’s work and has put our two lives together.  I feel like I know what she is going through to a point but I feel like its got to be harder for her as her baby was full grown.  I just can’t imagine. 

On a happy note we are all doing good.  Landon is a mess.  He had his 6 month appointment on Friday.  He is 27″ (75th percentile), 15 pds 7 oz (15 percent tile)  the doctor called him her peanut.  I have totally switched to bottles and formula.  I didn’t realize how hard it would be with two older siblings and always being on the go.  It didn’t help that Landon is such a nosy baby that it would take him FOREVER to eat and the other kids were just frustrated sometimes b/c I didn’t have time for them.  Plus some other factors and all of our stress levels have been so much better.  We are working on the sleeping through the night.  He wakes still about once a night to eat but a few others and we can usually just stick his paci in and he is fine.  His personality is really coming out.  He is so funny.   He is the one we are going to have to worry about.  He wants everything he can’t have.  I am going to have to really baby proof.  I am not sure if he will ever crawl as he hates to lay down.  He prefers to be sitting or in the jumperoo, exersaucer. 

Maddie and Gavin are doing awesome.  I think Maddie is getting anxious with all this kindergarten talk as she has been crying a lot when I leave but she will be ok.  We love the new church we have started.  David is working hard but doing so well.  I am going to be walking/running in three races: one in our town of Harrisburg, a colon awareness for a friend who was diagnosed with colon cancer in the summer, and then the march madness walk.  We also got our van paid off this month which is so huge.  We are all enjoying our new couch,  love seat and our new computer desk.  This time of year is always fun!  I have been in a spring cleaning mode for a few weeks and trying to get it done but it’s so hard when little kiddos come behind you and tear it up again.  One day I will miss that but right now its frustrating. 

One last thing I am excited about and have never done before is our church is having a 21 day fasting starting in 2 weeks and I am going to try it.  Never have done this before but I feel like it’s a good time in my life to commit.  Talk to you all soon and live life to its fullest!



Landon is getting too big

Boy what another awesome week.  Landon is just growing too fast for me though!  He has improved on hisfeasting food.  He opens his mouth anddoesn’t try tograb the spoon so it’s less messy!  He is now starting to move into stage two foods.  His favorite foodsdare squash and sweet potatoes!  He doesn’t care for fruits very much.  He is also cuttingback on his milk and we are able to stretch to every four hours.  His napping is getting a little better butHoyt great.  His nights are rough!  I know that will one day get better….we hope.  He is just like Gavin in the fact he loves his jumperoo!  His personality is becoming even cuter!  He is somuch . he is a mamas boyband cries when others hold him but I secretly love it!  Especially when I don’t have other things to do.

Gavin finished basketball and had a fun end of season party.  He has grown a lot this last month too.  He needs new pants as they are getting short!

Maddie has gone almost two weeks with no pull ups at night….whoooo!  She also gave me a long kiss on the cheek the other night and said it was called a wait in ticket line kiss”. The things they think of.  Maddie gets to go with a friend today to get her nails painted and then lunch.  She is excited but Gavin is upset as he doesn’t have a play date.  This is when it gets hard.


Valentines Day

The day started off great.  Landon and I had some time together and then Gavin came down and we played I spy game on the Ipad.  Maddie had woken but was playing in her room and I thought she was still asleep.  We then headed to Gavin’s speech apointment and then the dreaded walmart with three kids.  However Landon and the other two were great.  Landon has started taking a paci(we have been trying every once and awhile since he was born) and it helped a lot.  Of course the paci he likes is the one that uncle Ben and Aunt sarah sent to him (it looks like vampire teeth). 

Once we were home Gavin started playing a wii game we rented from the red box and Maddie and I started on making our heart cupcakes for our valentines dessert. We then made all of our handprint with paint onto white paper and we used it as the wrapping paper for Daddy’s gift (a picture of him with the three kids made into a puzzle).  When Daddy got home we exchanged our valentines presents:  Daddy got Gavin some candy, ball paddle toy, and a card.  He got Maddie a rose, card and ball paddle toy.  He got me a rose and a card.  I picked up a box of chocolates for the kids.  We were then saying we loved each other… thing I knew Gavin was crying….he said happy tears because he loved us so much.  Wow talk about making me cry and melt my heart.  I knew I wanted to train him to be a romantic but I didn’t know I wasn’t going to have to train very hard!  Watch out girls!  He is going to be a keeper. 

After a nice dinner dave and the kids played the wii while I cleaned up.  What a great Valentines day since I really don’t like the holiday anyways.

When it rains it pours

Wow has this been a crazy week full of interesting and new things.  We started the week off good.  The kids went to school on Monday, David went to New York and while the kids were in school a friend came over with her 6 month old baby and we had a playdate/coffee time.  Tuesday morning at 4:00 am Maddie came into my room saying she had a headache so I got her a wash cloth for her forehead and let her sleep with me.  The next morning she was complaining her legs hurt, didn’t eat breakfast and was asleep at 10:30 am on the couch….so odd for her b/c she doesn’t nap.  She woke up from that nap with a fever.  That night was a rough night.  Both her and Landon kept waking up at the same time…midnight, 2:00, 4:00 and 6:30 and he was crying because he was hungry and Maddie was crying because everything hurt and she thought she was going to throw up.  There was only so much I could do with it only being me but we made it through.  I took her the next day to the doctor and of course she tested positive for the flu!  She was then and has been still confined up to her room.  I put the TV we had in our room and dvd player in her room but she has still been very bored.  She went all day yesterday with no fever but had one in the night and today no fever so I hope she makes it through the night with no fever and then we told her she could come down stairs.  I hope no one else gets it.  So far we haven’t. 

Gavin has been a trooper this week.  Me and him have played a lot of star wars, the Wii and board games.  We have had a good time together.  He is such a good boy.

Landon has had a big week.  We have been working all week on his sitting up on his own and finally tonight he did it for 5 min. without falling over!!  He has gotten so good.  I also noticed tonight that one of his teeth has partially popped through, and earlier today I layed him in his crib to help Maddie and I put him on his back….he cried because he was not happy I left him and when I came back he rolled for the first time to his belly.  I went to walmart tonight and David said he did it on the floor too.  What a big week for Landon.  Oh and while I was at walmart David tried a paci his brother Ben and Aunt Sarah sent to him and he loved it… looks like vampire teeth.  He hasn’t liked all the other ones I have tried but he likes this one!! 

I am trying to get ready for the big consignment sale that’s going on next weekend and I need to get my butt in gear.  I have done some but I have a lot more to do.  I just can’t get motivated and plus this week has worn me out.  At the end of the night I just want to go to bed or watch one of my shows.  Not very productive. 

We ended tonight with having to vacuum Maddie’s bed out from all the crumbs of crackers she has eaten while in her bed.  There is never a dull moment.  Lots of love.

Disney—-Day 6—Hollywood Studios

We all were up early as we were determined to get to the Jedi Training.  We were at Hollywood studios by 8:15.  The park did not open till 9:00 but we were going to wait in the ticket line to enter.  Of course there were already tons of people there but David found a guy opening up a new line and we ended up being first in line (what an awesome daddy).  They ended up opening the park at 8:45 and our plan was to have David run to the Jedi Training to get a spot and me and the kids would go as fast as we could behind him.  Well we were almost there and I got a call from David saying he needed Gavin with him to get a ticket….I had already saw so many running by me to get there and I was nervous.  We started running…..we….MADE it.  He did so awesome in the training.  They got to get up on stage and learn a fighting sequence and then Darth Vader and a couple storm troopers showed up and they all got to fight Darth Vader!!  It was awesome.  We did buzz lightyear two more times.  David and Gavin went to the Indiana Jones stunt show while Maddie and I went to the Beauty and the Beast show.  That was amazing.  We went for lunch and walked around a little and then it was time to hit the road back home.  The first four hours went okay.  Gavin and Maddie both slept most of the time but Landon was pretty fussy and cried most of it.  We stopped halfway in Georgia (exit 85) and the McDonald’s (not my choice) we stopped at was having family night and playing bingo.  Plus happy meals were at a discount…whooo.  The bingo was fun and the lady running it made it easy and would look to see what the kids needed to win and she had a whole table of prizes set up.  It was a fun way to end our trip and to break up the car ride home.  Daddy had a hard time getting bingo but finally won and won a free medium special coffee so he gave it to me as I was going to be driving after we got back on the road.  The rest of the way went pretty good and we made it home by 11:00.  Not too bad.  The whole trip was awesome and we can’t wait to go back again!

Disney—Day 5—Animal Kingdom

This is the day I was excited for (but Magic Kingdom is still my favorite) because of the african safari.  I was told and read that we needed to get there early to see all the animals out and awake.  So of course on this day they had early magic hours so the park opened at 8:00.  Yes we made it there for the opening at 8:00.  We decided to skip breakfast at the hotel as that didn’t go well the morning before so we used two snacks and got some danish at the park.  David and Landon headed for fast passes for the Expedition Everest rollercoaster and me and the kids headed to the meet him at the safari ride.  We got on the ride right away and LOVED it.  All the animals were awesome.  Then we headed to the roller coaster and of course there was no wait so we really didn’t have to use the fast past.  Me and Maddie were up first and we both thought it was okay but not good enough to go on twice.  David and Gavin went and Gavin thought the same thing but David went again!!  Next we headed to Dinoland and me and the two older kids rode TriceraTop Spin twice (that was one more time than I could handle but they loved it)  then we took them to play in the boneyard which was a huge slide/playground.  We headed over to the Nemo show and me and Maddie loved it but the boys weren’t crazy about it so we snuck out early and went to the dinosaur ride.  The kids and David rode it while I fed Landon.  It was kind of scary ride so it was not on the list to do again.  We also went to the Lion King show and that was amazing.  We ate lunch, did some more walking but by 2:30 we were done.  We were all exhausted, tired, sore and ready to go relax.  We decided to leave and go back to the hotel for some swimming.  Landon got in for the first time and LOVED it.  We didn’t stay long as we went back to get ready for some smores and Kendra, Greg, and Kenley were coming to meet us for dinner.  Today Landon was more fussy and I think just getting tired of the days.  He was still a trooper but more fussy and spitting up  more.  The kids and David went to the smores as Landon was fussy so I fed him at the dinning area.  We had an awesome time at dinner with Kendra, Greg and Kenley.  Then we headed back to the room for bed.  We were getting up early to try to make Jedi Training and head home.  We got the kids to bed and me and Dave started packing up everything we could and even loaded it into the car so we could get out early!  What a day.

Disney—–Day 4—Magic Kingdom

We were going to go to Epcot this day but we decided the kids would not enjoy it and we all loved Magic Kingdom and had so much more to do so we were heading back there!  We decided we didn’t have to head out as early but we still left at 8:30 to go to the hotel for breakfast.  Everything was going pretty good and while eating Landon had a blowout!  I fed him some prunes the day before b/c he was having some problems.  It not only got all over him but me too.  I handed him to David for a minute while I got the diapers out and next thing we knew Landon had grabbed David coffee cup (had a lid) but it still spilled on him and David.  I immediately yanked Landon’s pants off.  He didn’t get hurt thankfully.  However, our day was already not going smoothly and we hadn’t even left the hotel.  We finished breakfast and then headed to the room to get us all get cleaned up to head to the park.  We rode our favorite rides…..winnie the pooh, Magic Carpets of Aladdin, splash mountain and a few others.  We also had to make sure we saw the rest of the princesses…repunzel and Tiana, and of course Jesse and Woody.  Landon also had another blowout.  What a day but we were still having fun.  The kids had some ice cream treats.  While we were meeting with Rapunzel it was just me, Maddie and Landon….well Landon was fussy when we got up to Rapunzel and I was overwhelmed and left the camera cap so that was another bad thing that happened but we didn’t let it ruin the day!  We didn’t have a reservation for dinner that night since we were going to go to Epcot but we walked right up to Crystal palace to eat with Winnie the pooh, eyore, piglet and tiger.  We got a table in 5 min.  It was awesome.  We went right home after that to get rest for the next day.